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The FTC recently decreed that bloggers must disclose paid endorsements, or some such thing.

I don’t do paid endorsements.  Period.  I have, on occasion, received free copies of books for review, and sometimes I’ve reviewed them.  Usually, I think, I’ve noted this in the review.  Given the FTC’s position, though, it appears that I need to be clear about my own.

  1. I will not write about a product or book simply because someone has paid me to do so.
  2. If I am given a review copy of a book (and I’m turning most such requests down, these days) and I review it, I will note in the review that I didn’t pay for the book.
  3. I will not write positive reviews in the hopes that the author/publisher/manufacturer will give me a kickback after the fact, and I will not accept one if they offer it.

In short, if there’s anything to disclose, I will disclose it.  And if I make no disclosure, you can safely assume that there’s nothing to disclose.


  • By Michael T Darkow, March 30, 2010 @ 6:00 am

    Enjoy the breezy smart feel! Would you please do me the very great honor of considering accepting a copy of my novel for review?

    My great thanks!


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