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Cry ‘Woof!’

And here’s the big news: starting today, I’ll be blogging over at the Catholic Channel at Patheos, at my new blog: “Cry ‘Woof!’ and let slip the dogs of whimsy“.

The blog title is a Dominican thing; go see my welcome post for more on that.

The Foothills aren’t going away…but on the other hand, I’m not likely to be blogging here much— so point your feed reader at “Cry ‘Woof!'” if you don’t want to miss anything. There are multiple subscription methods at the new blog.

Anthony Esolen’s Word of the Day

Until this week I’d occasionally heard Anthony Esolen’s name here and there around the blogosophere, but hadn’t actually read anything by him. Turns out I’ve been missing something fun. He has a new blog at Patheos called “Word of the Day” where he discusses, in entertaining detail, the origin of some specific word, with ancillary anecdotes. Here’s his recent post on beer. Go give him a read.

A Really Pinko Engine?

My kids never watched Thomas the Tank Engine, except for the horrible and incoherent feature film Thomas and the Magic Railway; and while my boys had a Brio train set with a few Thomas engines, they didn’t play with them much except to turn the curve pieces of track into bows to shoot pencils with. (No, really. Two sections of curved track, a rubber band, a pencil, and you’re good to go.)

But Calah Alexander has just begin to pay attention to the subtext of the Thomas cartoons her kids are watching, and she’s a little, hmmm, disturbed. And not unreasonably, it seems to me. See what you think.

The Art of Blogging

Sam Rocha, he of A Primer on Philosophy and Education, has been doing a series of interviews with bloggers from the Patheos Catholic Channel on “The Art of Blogging”. The third in the series is with yours truly, rather to my bemusement. We talked about writing, the differences between technical writing, fiction, blogging, math, and programming, and how to acquire good taste. I enjoyed the heck out of the experience, and though the resulting interview is absurdly long I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Attack of the Straw Daleks

So an ice cream shop in England decided to make a 35-foot tall dalek out of straw, in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who. Apparently Snugbury’s has been making these sculptures for years; and the kicker is that if they hadn’t done a dalek this year, they were going to do the newly born royal prince.

As one of the headlines I saw says, “ExSTRAWminate!”

(Hat tip to my lovely sister-in-law, who pointed me at this.)

On Being Grumpy

My latest for is entitled, “On Being Grumpy.” Enjoy!

Hello, Product!

There’s an old saying in the tech field: If a service is free, you are not the customer: you are the product being sold.

Ain’t it the truth.

Simcha Fisher Sits Down at Patheos

Because I blog sometimes at Happy Catholic Bookshelf at Patheos, I’m sort of a part-time Patheosi…and so I was thrilled to discover this morning that Simcha Fisher, Queen of Spit-takes, is bringing her blog, “I Have to Sit Down“, to the Catholic Channel at Patheos.

I call her “Queen of Spit-takes” not because she’s commits them frequently (she may, I don’t know) but because she’d frequently induce them at my house if I weren’t careful about what I’m drinking while reading her blog. She has great good sense, and a real knack for putting sentences together. Go take a look!

On the Third Day

Melanie Bettinelli at The Wine Dark Sea has been hosting a series on meditations on phrases from the Creed, in honor of the Year of Faith. I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute the meditation on the phrase, “on the third day“; you can find it there.

You might also offer up a prayer for Melanie’s dad, who suffered a stroke a few days ago. He seems to be doing much better, but prayer is always good.

A Treasure, I Say!

Dr. Boli is a treasure.

Oh! I feel as if I have seen heaven opened, and heard the song the janitor whistles as he scrubs the gates of pearl to a more than lustrous shine!


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