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Cry ‘Woof!’

And here’s the big news: starting today, I’ll be blogging over at the Catholic Channel at Patheos, at my new blog: “Cry ‘Woof!’ and let slip the dogs of whimsy“.

The blog title is a Dominican thing; go see my welcome post for more on that.

The Foothills aren’t going away…but on the other hand, I’m not likely to be blogging here much— so point your feed reader at “Cry ‘Woof!'” if you don’t want to miss anything. There are multiple subscription methods at the new blog.

There Will Be News

Things are going to be changing around here. Got a couple of days to go, yet, and then….WOOSH!


So our internet connection has been flakey for the last week. We’ve seen this once in a while: we’ll have problems for a day and then it will go away again for a long time. I’ve always figured that it’s the provider’s fault; they are doing something to the line that’s screwing up the DSL connection. Once, about six months ago, it definitely was the phone company’s fault; the phone line got so noisy that you couldn’t use it for voice calls. We complained, they did something, and all was well.

This time, though, the phone line sounded fine; and we had the internet coming and going every few minutes for 24 hours. I called our provider, and talked to a kind gentleman from India, who after a time concluded that it must be our DSL modem, which had been in service since 2004, and which certainly needed to be replaced. He’d send us a new (refurbished) one for free, plus enough shipping to cover the cost of a new one.

OK; so I had him send it. And the next day, the ‘net was working perfectly, and when it showed up I left it in its box.

Since then, though, we’ve had five or six days when the ‘net has been unreliably flakey. That is, we’ve had hours when it works fine followed by hours when it’s completely gone, followed by erratic ups and downs. So tonight, I did the deed and replaced the old one.

This is the point where I talk about how the kind Indian gentleman was all wet, and how it still doesn’t work, and how I’m going to switch providers, and like that.

Except…it seems to be working just fine. Not only that, web pages are loading a lot faster. We’ll see how it goes over the next couple of days.


Our phone service went out this morning, along with our Internet service. AT&T is going to send a technician on Tuesday. (!) Things will be quiet around here until all is resolved.

Bootstrapping the Interior Life

The entire series of posts on “Bootstrapping the Interior Life” can now be found by clicking on the link under “Featured Series” over in the sidebar.

Marriage Posts

I’ve put links to all of the marriage posts I did a couple of months ago on one page; you can find a link to it under “Featured Series”, over there in the sidebar.

More about the CNMC


I’d been meaning to say a few more words about the Catholic New Media Conference and what I heard and learned there, but Julie has posted her summary of the CNMC and I find that I’ve not much more to say. The one thing she left out is the wonderful talk the last speaker presented, and fortunately she’s posted the text so you can read it for yourself. Which you should go do.

A major theme of the week was civility and taking the high road; the need for this was highlighted by a violent Facebook argument taking place at the same time involving a prominent Catholic blogger and a prominent Catholic priest. (As I only followed the fireworks from a distance I won’t go into details; those who saw what happened know what happened, and those who don’t can use their imaginations. Moreover, I don’t want to fan the flames.) (However, my sympathies were with the blogger.)

The fact is, we folks on-line can be amazingly, appallingly nasty to one another. It isn’t attractive, it doesn’t win friends, and it only influences people to distaste, disgust, and dislike. It doesn’t win anyone to Christ, but rather drives people away. We’ve got to stop doing it. See Thomas McDonald’s outstanding post on the “Inter-Nicene Creed” for more.

Back from CNMC

So I’m fresh back home from the Catholic New Media Conference, where I had great time meeting folks I’m feeling too tired to list for fear I’ll leave someone out. I got to see Tom and Julie Davis, of course, and was lucky enough to share meals with Rebecca Frech (one of Jane’s favorite bloggers), Sarah Reinhard, Jennifer Fitz, and of course Tom and Julie. I look forward to seeing all of them again some time.

I’ll probably post a few more specifics about the conference…but not just at the moment.

Update: Fixed the link to Sarah’s blog.

Catholic New Media Conference

So this week I’ll be traveling to the Catholic New Media Conference to meet some of my fellow Catholic bloggers. This is rather out of character for me, as I’m an introvert by nature, and I almost never travel except on business; and yet somehow I find myself going to the Catholic New Media Conference. I wonder what will come of it?

I dunno if I’ll be able to do much blogging this week, consequently; depends on how much time I spend being social, and how tired I am when I stop. If it’s anything like the Tcl conference I go to every year, my spare time will be nil.

Big News!

Big news! Julie has asked me to contribute to her book reviews blog at Patheos, Happy Catholic’s Bookshelf. I’ll be joining Julie and Jeff Miller, the Curt Jester. Patheos seems to be where all the cool kids are hanging out these days, so I’m pleased and excited to be asked.

Not to worry, this blog won’t be going anywhere; any reviews I post over there, I’ll post here as well. You won’t miss anything. On the other hand, over there you’ll see book reviews by other people you won’t see here, so you might want to check it out.

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