Bootstrapping the Interior Life: Feelings

boots_small.jpgSee all posts in this series. When you embark on the interior life, you’ll find that feelings come with it. Sometimes you’ll feel that God is so close you can practically touch him. Sometimes (alas) you’ll feel so bored you’d rather do anything else—almost. Sometimes even more than almost.

The thing is, the interior life isn’t about feelings; it’s about an objective relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s about knowing Christ and loving Christ, which is to say it’s a matter of the intellect and of the will. It’s about choosing to pursue a relationship with Jesus even when you don’t feel like it. It’s about choosing to love Jesus more than the (admittedly delightful) feelings of unity and closeness that He sends us.

And if you want to truly be so close to Jesus that you can touch Him, all you need to do is go to Mass. He’ll be waiting.

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