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I’d been meaning to say a few more words about the Catholic New Media Conference and what I heard and learned there, but Julie has posted her summary of the CNMC and I find that I’ve not much more to say. The one thing she left out is the wonderful talk the last speaker presented, and fortunately she’s posted the text so you can read it for yourself. Which you should go do.

A major theme of the week was civility and taking the high road; the need for this was highlighted by a violent Facebook argument taking place at the same time involving a prominent Catholic blogger and a prominent Catholic priest. (As I only followed the fireworks from a distance I won’t go into details; those who saw what happened know what happened, and those who don’t can use their imaginations. Moreover, I don’t want to fan the flames.) (However, my sympathies were with the blogger.)

The fact is, we folks on-line can be amazingly, appallingly nasty to one another. It isn’t attractive, it doesn’t win friends, and it only influences people to distaste, disgust, and dislike. It doesn’t win anyone to Christ, but rather drives people away. We’ve got to stop doing it. See Thomas McDonald’s outstanding post on the “Inter-Nicene Creed” for more.

  • By Julie D., September 6, 2012 @ 9:27 am

    Thank you Will! 🙂

    I also stayed away from the fireworks you mention and I actually was so happy to see that the behind-the-scenes peace was made by another prominent Catholic stepping in to help.

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