Secret Believers, by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen

This book, which is subtitled “What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ”, was the “one” in a one-two punch. I picked it up yesterday, based on Julie’s recommendation; and then this morning I read The Hiding Place. Oh, man.

Brother Andrew is best known for his book God’s Smuggler, about his days of smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain—which, it develops, he often did in company with Corrie ten Boom. Once the book was published, he perforce turned his attention to other parts of the world, including the Islamic world. This book is about the life of Christians in Muslim countries, both those of traditionally Christian families and those who convert from Islam. The latter are known as MBB’s, Muslim-Background Believers, and their life is extremely hard. They are mistrusted by other Christians; apparently it has been common for young Muslim men to pretend to convert, join a Christian church, marry a girl from a Christian family, and then return to Islam. In addition, if a Christian church is found to be aiding converts from Islam they will likely run into trouble. Sharia law prohibits any Muslim from leaving Islam, and those who try face massive persecution and probable martyrdom.

The stories in this book are both humbling and thought-provoking, but also heartening. Because of radio and the Internet, more people in the Islamic world are learning of Jesus and becoming Christians. They need our prayers, and our support; they, and those they will reach, are our best hope for getting out of this clash of civilizations without decades more bloodshed. You can find out more at, which among other things has an RSS feed of news items involving the persecuted church around the world.

  • By Abigail, January 30, 2008 @ 8:10 pm

    Very interesting. I’ll have to add this group to my prayer list during Lent.

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